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Schoolwires Logins and Intranet Access

All stakeholders can access the BCSD web site as well as Central Office departments and school web sites. BCSD employees are registered users of Schoolwires and may sign in with a user account. Logging in with a user account allows Intranet access. Internal information accessible on the Intranet comes from various departments  (i.e. Accounting, HR/Benefits, Social Services, Technology Services, etc.) Links to Intranet information on department pages do not appear if the employee has not signed-in.


Intranet, what does that mean?

Intranet: a network of pages on the web having access restricted to a limited group of authorized users (as employees of a company/organization).


Who has access to the Bibb County School District Intranet?

All employees of the District have access to the Intranet.


Is every employee required to have a Schoolwires login to access the Intranet?

Yes, each employee must use his/her authorized Schoolwires login to access the Intranet.


Should an employee who does not know his/her Schoolwires login create a new account using the Register feature?

No, a self-registered account will not be assigned to the group of authorized Intranet users, and therefore will not enable access to the Intranet.


Who should an employee contact to request an account?

Contact Stephanie Hartley in the Department of Communications to request a new account.

Email Stephanie.Hartley@bcsdk12.net, call ex: 478-765-8620, or contact a Technology Specialist.


Who should an employee contact if he/she forgets the password to an existing Schoolwires account?

First, try the Forgot My Password button at the bottom of the sign-in window to receive an email reminder. If this fails, contact Stephanie Hartley or aTechnology Specialist.


What if an employee forgets his/her user name?

The user name cannot be retrieved with an email reminder. Contact Stephanie Hartley or a Technology Specialist for assistance in retrieving your user name.


Can an employee access the Bibb County School District Intranet from home?

Yes, using their authorized Schoolwires login enables employees to access the Intranet from home.


Who maintains pages on the Bibb County School District Intranet?

Intranet pages are maintained by the designated person from each associated department or group (Accounting, HR/Benefits, Social Services, Principals, Technology Services, and Warehouse & Purchasing).

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