REGISTRATION for Bibb County Pre-K Classrooms


Bibb County Enrollment Procedures:


Pre-K registration will be held February 4-28, 2013. Registration is held at the Bibb County Welcome Center and any other site determined by the Pre-K Director. Appointments will be taken to register students; however, walk-ins will always be welcome. Children must be four years of age by September 1 of the year of registration.  Children that are age eligible for Kindergarten will not be placed in the Pre-K lottery.


Applicants must provide the child’s certified birth certificate, social security card, and proof of address, according to the Bibb County School Zone Policy. Applicants may apply for their school zone or Northwoods Academy. At registration, each applicant must address an envelope to themselves for notification purposes. If a child is not selected in the random computer drawing the child will be placed on a waiting list for the school. No child will be given the number that they are on the waiting list.


If twins apply and one twin is selected, the other twin will be awarded a slot. If one twin is number 22 and the second twin was not selected, both twins will be placed on the waiting list as number 1 and 2. If two siblings apply that are Pre-K eligible and live in the same household, this policy will also apply.


Any child that lives in Bibb County may apply for Northwoods Academy.


All children may apply for their neighborhood school. Program for Exceptional Students may apply to their neighborhood school. All students are selected in a random computer selection conducted by the office of Research and Development.   Bibb County employees are not granted preferential treatment. Bibb County employees may apply for the lottery at their neighborhood school. Northwoods Academy or where they work providing there is a Pre-K Program. Pre-K is not a mandatory program.


Employees of the school system may apply at their neighborhood school, Northwoods or they may apply at the school where they work, if a Pre-K class is housed at their school. Out of county employees may apply also to the Pre-K Program. Grandparents may use the employee policy only if the grandparent is the student’s legal guardian and lives in the household with the student.


If a child is selected at one school and moves to another school zone, the child will be placed on the waiting list of the school to which the child has moved.


Bright from the Start, the Department of Early Care and Learning requires all parents to attend a mandatory orientation. If the parent or guardian fails to attend the orientation or the makeup orientation, then the child will be removed from the class.


The class rosters will be made by the Pre-K Director or her designee. The waiting list will be maintained by the Pre-K Director or the person she designates. When a vacancy occurs, the Pre-K Director will contact the next person on the waiting list to fill the slot. The slot will be filled in the order of the waiting list. Vacancies will be filled in the order in which they were received.


Both the rosters and the waiting lists are submitted monthly to the PANDA Office of Financial Services of Bright from the Start, The Department of Early Care and Learning by the director of programs. Students may not be skipped to the “front of the line” for any reason.


What is needed to enroll a child in Georgia's Pre-K Program?

Proof that a child is age eligible and a Georgia resident are required to register a child for Pre-K.   Acceptable proof-of-age includes birth certificate, passport, hospital record of live birth, green card, pink card or Federal I-94 card. Acceptable proof-of-residency includes a lease, utility bill or letter from a shelter or employer.


Registration for Bibb County Pre-K classrooms will occur March 6-30, 2012. All students who are 4 years old before September 1 of the year in which they are registering are able to attend their zoned Pre-K.


All children enrolled in Georgia's Pre-K Program must have hearing, vision, and dental examination certificates (DHR Form 3300) on file within 90 calendar days of program entry. Form 3300 must be signed by a private practitioner or representative of a local Department of Health.

Immunizations (DHR Form 3231) must be up-to-date or affidavits must be on file within 30 calendar days of program entry.



Last Modified on February 27, 2013