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  • Porter Getting New Gym Floor

    Posted by Christopher Kirby at 9/18/2014 3:00:00 PM
    We are excited to have a new floor going in our gym. Work started last Thursday and should be finished within the next few days. more photos when the work is complete.
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  • NED Show Visits Porter

    Posted by Christopher Kirby at 9/18/2014 12:00:00 PM
    What does NED stand for? 
    ned1     ned2    ned3
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  • REACH Review for September 12, 2014

    Posted by Christopher Kirby at 9/16/2014 12:00:00 PM

    Today in REACH, we continued with our unit study of "Scarcity of Water" and we worked in cooperative groups for chess, Hands-On Equations, unit study, and our Kids Discover magazine, "Water." 

    Specifically we:

    1.  played chess by working with the "Beginnings” program from our chess curriculum.  So far, we have learned how the pawns, Queen and Rook move on the board.

    2.  worked in our “Hands-On Equations” Math curriculum at the appropriate level (based on our pretest scores).

    3.  began reading a Kids Discover magazine, "Water."

    4.  went to the computer lab and continued research on “Scarcity of Water.”

    5.  continued working on our water cycle, definitions for scarcity, and "Were You Aware?" 

    6.  listened to the beginning of the  book, "One Well:  The Story of Water on Earth" by Rochelle Strauss. 

    7.  created a water cycle using a small cup of water and a plastic bag.

    8.  cut an apple apart to better understand that 3/4 of the apple is water (like Earth), 1/4 is land (like Earth).  We further learned that cutting the skin off of the 3/4 segment of the apple shows the amount of freshwater (frozen and liquid) on Earth and the skin from the land segment (1/4 segment) represents a small fraction of land that can grow food.

    9.  received our fourth assignment in our writing project this year called "The Curiosity Project."  The students have a composition book with "Curiosity Project" and their name on the front.  The students glued the fourth assignment into their notebooks and this week the students are asked to make a decision concerning their topic for their final project.   You can also go to my website on the Sonny Carter web page to learn more about this project and to see all of the assignments on the power point (www.bcsdk12.net, look at the top and click on "Select a School," click on "Carter Elementary School," click on "Faculty/Staff," click on "Carter, Lin (REACH)," then click on "The Curiosity Project" on the left side).  Please review other parts of my webpage as well.

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  • Attendance Poster Contest Winners

    Posted by Christopher Kirby at 9/16/2014 10:00:00 AM

    The following students have been selected as winners of the Attendance Poster Contest:


    1st grade

    Sophia Herrera- Simmons

    Stephanie Harper- Goggans


    2nd grade

    Michael Snellgrove- Britt

    Yolet Morales- King


    3rd grade

    Jada Law- Brown

    Houston Fowler- Griffin


    4th grade

    Elizabeth Pascacio- Willis

    Dafne Morales- Wilson


    5th grade

    Diego Pizanno- Montford
    Congratulations to all!!!! 
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